What is happening in Senegal?

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TW// Violence, death, police brutality

Senegal, a French-speaking country in West Africa, is suffering from a political crisis that erupted after the arrest of opposition leader Ousmane Sonko, following an alleged rape accusation that is actually politically motivated.

Since March 4, 2021, Senegalese people have been protesting for their rights and the blatant violation of democracy. More than ten people have died during the protests because of police brutality, and a private militia has taken to the streets of Dakar—the capital—to shoot real bullets at unarmed civilians.

This case is all the more outrageous as government representatives have been labelling the protestors as "terrorists" and saying during interviews with international media that the situation was back to normal and "under control", even though protests were happening every day in various parts of the country.

Social media and live radio channels have been censored, and Senegalese people are doing their best to make themselves heard, above all the repression and violence, with the hashtag #FreeSenegal

These protests are not about rape—but the culmination of frustrations built up against the current regime.
Senegalese people are asking for justice to be done.

Let them be heard.

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